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The Change Landscape

President Trump is RIGHT!  Most of the Corporate Media outlets are fully vested in selling the public #FakeNews.  Unfortunately for Macon-Bibb Citizens, the lack of authentic news stories about positive contributions of people of color has deepened the culture war and racial division.  


The two strongest indicators of a community's progress:  its economy and its children.  To understand the economic development of Macon-Bibb, you have to understand "The Change Landscape".   Macon-Bibb was once an "Industrial King" in the South with a thriving Middle Class.  Where did it go?  How did one volunteer chairman begin to shape the industrial landscape again?  


Click on the link below to understand the economic, racial, and cultural dynamics of "The Change Landscape".

The original presentation was commissioned by former Chairman Cliffard D. Whitby.

Visit the other "Fact Checks" to learn the rest of the story.  #FactCheck 

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