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Our writing team often writes from a different cultural lens.  We partner with the MidGA Informer, the first and longest running African-American newspaper in the Middle Goeriga area.  There are very few sources of online news and information in the Middle Georgia area from a view that is not influenced by the status quo, the Corporate Media, the mainstream media, often biased media.  

Some say there are three sides to every story (one side-the other side-the truth),

we haven't even heard the "other side" of the story on many news items in Middle Georgia and especially when it relates to people of color or marginalized individuals.  All of the news and even the op-eds seem to have an endless commitment to telling a side of the story designed to further an agenda than to actually provide a balanced point of view.   


We want to provide you with an independent

and alternative POV (Point of View) in Middle Georgia news.

If left up to our local media outlets, we will continue to read the same stale, targeted, and half-told stories.

If left up to a small group of targeted blogs, trolls, and paid commenters, our community will stay divided, regressive, and dying.


What you don't know, will hurt you.  It's time to #FactCheck Them!

What we don't know has already hurt us.  It's time to #FactCheck Them!


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