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SEC Match Up:  GA vs. BAMA 


The SEC’s huge day wasn’t just because of the rankings of the teams in Week 10. Georgia and Kentucky were playing for the SEC East division title. The Dawgs won, 34-17 and book a date in Atlanta. 

Alabama and LSU were pretty much playing for the West crown because there was a very small chance for chaos is Bama lost, but the Tide took care of business and now they’re headed to Atlanta too after a 29-0 bludgeoning of the Tigers in Death Valley.

That means we have a tidy SEC Championship Game set early on in November. Contrast that with the Pac-12, where it’s anyone’s guess what’s gonna happen out on the west coast to see the benefit of having division’s settled early on for everyone’s sanity. 

Georgia was shaky for just a second this season, then Kirby Smart & Co. quickly righted the ship. 

The Dawgs got beaten up by LSU, but credit to Georgia for not continuing into a slide. They used a bye week to get things back in order and beat Florida. 

This was supposed to be a reloading year for the Dawgs, and with a preseason projection at two regular season losses, UGA is right where it needs to be, atop the SEC East with Playoff hopes that aren’t exactly dead. 

Alabama’s, well, they’re Alabama.

There’s really not much more that can be said about this Tide team so far. They’re crushing everyone, and they likely won’t get another real test until they face Georgia because Auburn’s probably more offensively challenged then the LSU team the Tide just shut out. 

These were the projected best teams in each division when we started the season, and would ya look at that, they’re both facing off for the SEC title. 

Now it’s Saban-Smart II. 

In a redux of last year’s national title game, it’ll be fun to see which direction both teams are going a year removed from their battle for all the marbles. Also, uhh, a small reminder about Saban against his former assistants

The stakes are gonna be different this time, but still huge. There will be the conference title on the line, and probably Playoff hopes for both teams. It won’t be for all the marbles in Atlanta this time, but it’ll be for most of them just like the awesome 2012 SEC title game was.


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