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Saint or Sinner? 

The Bibb County Board of Education owes the citizens of Macon-Bibb County a full accounting of the taxpayer dollars spent on legal fees and other expenses to fuel its obsessive revenge tour on Dr. Romain Dallemand.  Where's the benefit to the students/children?  What has Macon-Bibb County gained?  The school system is still at the bottom in the Middle Georgia area of school systems.  None of the current charter schools are producing results even comparable to Houston County Schools achievements.  The Governor's Office of Student Achievement gave Bibb County Schools a grade of D.  Culver's case is going to appeal AND SHOULD.  Per students, parents, and teachers, the school system technology is still sub par.  The Whitby/Knowles case is heavy on media attention but light on any real evidence of bribery.  What is the community really gaining?  Even the so-called property tax decrease is questionable.  If there is less in the pot, doesn't that eventually trickle down to the classroom?  Dr. Romain Dallemand? Saint or Sinner?  It's not up to 12 jurors to decide; it's up to the Macon-Bibb County community to get its priorities straight.  #FactCheck  

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