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2020 Macon-Bibb Mayoral Candidate

Financial Disclosures:

Show Us The $$$​

Political Financial Disclosures are a great indication of not only who is supporting a candidate but also why.  We are the first to actually share the financial disclosures with you.  While the local media likes to tell you how much a candidate raised in total, the real facts are in the disclosures themselves and far more important to know about than just the total amount raised.  Unfortunately sometimes our local media is so busy trying to maintain the status quo, they don't share all of the facts.  

Is it important to know?  You bet it is!  That's why we called this page, "Show Us The $$$".   Because right now even the 2020 Presidential Candidates are talking about campaign finance, trying to raise money, are probably bombarding your inboxes with requests for money, or are depending on wealthy donors and PACs to finance their campaigns.  Even in local races, the people funding a candidate are important to pay attention to.  Why? Because either they are already controlling how power flows in our local governments or they are trying to control it.  

This is the first financial disclosure for the "announced" candidates for Mayor of Macon-Bibb.  The actual election is next year on May 19, 2020 but some of the candidates announced or started running their races nearly two years ago.  After candidates file their Declaration of Intent, they can begin to fundraise. The next disclosure won't come out for local races until January 31, 2020.   There are nearly a dozen candidates who have filed DOIs and most after this first report was due.  This is public information. You can call the Bibb County Board of Elections to request a copy.  It shouldn't cost you anything if they email it to you.  If they print it there, minimal costs may be requested.  

Here are the following financial disclosures:   

To view Michael McKeever's disclosure, click here

To view Lester Miller's disclosure, click here

To view Rabbi Larry Schlesinger's disclosure, click here

To view Virgil Watkins, Jr.'s disclosure, click here.  

Don't worry, we will have more to say later about these disclosures but we wanted to get them out to you first.  You don't have to be a campaign finance expert or CPA  to determine what these disclosures say.  Look at who is donating called "Contributions" and who is getting paid by the campaign/candidate called "Expenditures".

Thanks so much for sharing our site and sending so many great compliments too!

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