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Consolidation: Where are they now?

We can't change it.  We can't get rid of it. But what we know for sure, the supporters of Macon-Bibb's Consolidation didn't give us all of the facts.  There is no way Macon-Bibb County citizens would have voted for an eventual 4 mil property tax increase, poorer delivery of services, a lop-sided community development process, and a bungled budget process.



What Macon Fact Check wants to know is:  where are the original supporters of consolidation.? Where are the people who sold the community a "bill of goods"?  The Main Pitch Man:  Allen Peake, former State Rep.  Where is he and his band of legislators? Interesting how some of the main supporters aren't even public office anymore and a few newcomers who supported the effort are in office.  Not one of them showed up to stand with the community, explain the charter or even help the County Commissioners with an alternative.  We created this handy image to help jog your memory.   

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