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 Isaac Culver IS Innocent. Our Criminal Justice System IS Guilty. 

*** Isaac Culver IS Innocent. Our Criminal Justice System IS Guilty.  ***

It simply doesn’t matter of Mr. Culver's Guilt or Innocence ; when a trial is conducted in this manner then guilty is the ONLY verdict a jury can reach.

Due to obfuscating the issues at trial, the jury wasn't allowed to hear anything in a full and open manner.  The fact of the matter is that we’ve spoken to over a dozen criminal attorneys and not one can cite a law broken by Mr. Culver.  The jury found him and PCTI guilty of the general allegation of fraud because the judge and prosecutor stated that BCSD “expected” certain things that were not a part of the actual contract.  This is the very same thing as convicting a car dealership and the sales person for selling a car “below invoice or dealer price.”  In the world of technology; Dell, Cisco and Apple are frequently the Project Manager and the seller of their own as well as integrated technology. It’s the way it works.

There was a change of the indictment at trial versus what was told to the grand jury by the prosecutor to obtain the indictment. The prosecutor told the grand jury that PCTI had violated their agreement with Bibb County School District (BCSD).  When defense proved that they had not violated their duly signed and authorized Services Agreement, the judge allowed the prosecutor to change the indictment charges to fraud while adding the condition that neither party would discuss contract issues with the jury.  The prosecutor proceeded to mention the contracts (RFP/RFQ) more than 20 times during the trial and even brought forward BCSD’s contracting office, Amy Watts, to testify as to what she “expected” PCTI’s contractual duties to be versus what was actually in the agreement.

The Prosecutors misled the grand jury about several things; one statement was that ‘RFP language was incorporated by reference into the services agreement.”  A second statement, according to the terms of the RFP they were not allowed to make a profit. Neither of these statements pertain to the only governing agreement, the signed Services Agreement.

In a pre-trial hearing the court would only allow counsel to discuss GSA contracts at trial; this prevented the defense from raising issues surrounding BCSD's policy and procedures.  BCSD’s own auditors state that there were fifty-two other contractors without any written agreements whatsoever.  Six others had agreements like PCTI that had not been approved by the school board.  The board “back ratified” the six other months after beginning work.  In an email where BCSD’s counsel recommended “back ratifying” the existing contracts, they spelled out the plan to attack only the small minority vendors because the large vendors could sue the board.  Steve Smith also echoes the same sentiment in an email where he states that by pushing criminal charges with authorities, BCSD could make the small minority vendors negotiate a civil settlement.

To intimidate defense into submission with the court’s coverup, the court frequently issued a side bar warning:  If you mention anything about BCSD's lack of policy then we'll speak about Dallemand’s bribery.

Although it had absolutely nothing to do with defendant's trial, it was used as a sword and shield for the prosecution; after all, if the jury hears bribery then they will make their own assumptions.

*** GSA ***

PCTI is an IT contractor that specializes in Federal Government Services.  In that environment they commonly use pass-through contracts.

They are not an expert in General Services Agreement (GSA) contracting but here are some companies that are:

Northrop Grumman



These companies do Millions/Billions of dollars of business on GSA.  They have experts with MBA in this particular area.  PCTI are IT specialist they have no people employed in public policy or contracting.

These other companies have a single office bigger than the entire company of PCTI dedicated to GSA contracting. Yet they have countless issues based upon awards of not following process and procedures...

There are simply issues with contracting every day; none of which are prosecuted as criminal complaints.

Northrop Grumman

46 instances of misconduct since 1995 | $919.6M in penalties


Lockheed Martin

86 instances of misconduct since 1995 | $767.5M in penalties

Honeywell International Inc.

63 instances of misconduct since 1995 | $740.1M in penalties


23 instances of misconduct since 1995 | $316.9M in penalties

*** Fair Sentencing ***

Sentencing guidelines are supposed to prevent wide variations in sentencing yet they remain...

There is a mandatory sentence of five years for robbery in the first degree when armed with a deadly weapon.  Sentences for drug distribution and trafficking can generally range from 3-5 years.

5 kilograms of cocaine is subject to a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in prison.

Some notable cases:

Two years in prison for $4.66 Million. 

Michael Cohen 3 Years

7 Years in prison for S22 Million.

Mr. Culver - 7+ Years in prison for $3.7 Million


Does anyone truly believe that selling someone working items with a twenty-eight percent (28%) profit margin is grounds for seven years in prison?  Especially given the extenuating circumstances…Isaac Culver IS innocent.  Our Criminal Justice System IS guilty. 

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